A Leather Blazer To Change Your Wardrobe

Why make the change?

“Sometimes it feels as though guys see blazers as a real leap: so stiff, sharp and far from casual that they’re tough to wear with jeans. That’s not at all true—you can take the textured blazer as proof. But if you fall firmly on the casual end of the dressing spectrum, an unstructured blazer can be just as effective. By unstructured, we mean a blazer with a wide cut and no shape-emphasizing lining, which makes it pretty relaxed. So it isn’t great with formal shirts or ties—but it will look easy and natural with casual smart-casual clothes—from t-shirts to Oxford shirts.”

—Thread stylist Alice Watt

Why this works 

1. Unstructured blazers are smartening—but far from stuffy. “An unstructured blazer lies somewhere between a casual jacket (such as a bomber or Harrington) and a tailored blazer—which is just the ticket for so many in-between meetings and occasions. It will make you look smarter but without the stiff formality that lots of guys dread.”

2. Everything’s casual(ish). “While wearing a blazer with casual clothes—such as check shirts or t-shirts—is doable but potentially daunting, the relaxed shape of an unstructured blazer means it looks just right with your everyday staples.”

3. The shape is slimming. “It might be called unstructured, but this blazer’s shape is still defined enough to make you look leaner—even if you have a layer or two underneath.”

Here are some Leather Blazers for both men & women to complete your wardrobe.

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