Styling a Bomber Jacket?

Universally known as a timeless, style staple that is versatile and gender-friendly serving both fashion and function, is a description of the bomber jacket we all know about.

Aside from its history and evolution over the years, highlighting the many colors, styles, materials, and details the bomber jacket is available in, not much is known or covered regarding how this wardrobe essential can be worn or styled to match the moment we’re in.

Does that sound familiar? Or something you can relate to? Having an awesome bomber jacket and agreeing to its versatility, yet not actually knowing how to get the best use of it. Least of all styling it in different ways.

Sure, to many it may seem like a piece you’d throw over a t-shirt and jeans, but there’s a whole lot more you can do with the same bomber jacket you own and pull off different looks each time you step out of your house.

Below you will find a few commonly used fabrics to achieve an understanding of the types of bomber jackets out there.

1. Nylon and Polyester Bomber Jackets

Two synthetic fabrics share many similar features, such as easy-care, stretch-resistant, or wrinkle and shrink resistance that makes life so much easier. Nylon or polyester bomber jackets, therefore, are great spring or summer style essentials that make printing on these, an easy and fun way to personalize your style.

The lightweight properties of these two fabrics make them easy to layer up with as well. This may also work for some cold climates, as nylon proves to be both waterproof and weather resistant also.

2. Woolen Bomber Jackets

Perfect for the winter, woolen bomber jackets are a definite ‘must-have’. Wool not only will keep you warm, exhibiting a functional aspect, but looks equally stylish, with the right fit and even texture that makes this type of bomber jacket unique.

3. Suede Bomber Jackets

suede bomber jacket is indeed in a league of its own. Truly stylish, even though it may not be a good option for rainy climates. Still, suede bomber jackets give you a twist between modern sensibilities and classic timelessness.

Suede bomber jackets in brown or stone, navy, white or black, all have a powerful style story to tell, no matter how many times you wear them.

4. Leather Bomber Jackets

Proven as the most original and timeless pieces amid all the options, leather bomber jackets will take you to a whole new level through winter. While black is the all-around favorite, there are many other options available as well.

From subdued colors to bold, vibrant red, deep brown, or the popular white leather bomber jacket. Whatever the color, if the fit’s right, you can be sure you will look good in this must-have leather bomber.

Bomber Jacket Colours

It’s really quite simple. Whatever you’re thinking of, looking for, or dreaming about, you can find ‘the’ color bomber jacket to suit your style, mood, or overall personality.

We’re talking ALL colors. From the more popular ones that include white, red, maroon, brown, or blue bomber jackets to the more creative choices of yellow, purple, burgundy, or even green bomber jackets.

When to Wear your Bomber Jacket

Choosing to wear a bomber jacket can be a great choice provided you understand where you are going or what you will be doing before you throw it on. Typically, bomber jackets can work well from casual engagements to smart-casual occasions. Simplistic bomber jackets may also work in creative work environments or as part of a business formal look that can be styled with discretion. Think classic black bomber over a white shirt, grey pants, black shoes, and possibly a tie that ‘ties’ these pieces together. This look may be work acceptable for some people but not everyone. User discretion is advised.

All you need to think about is picking a style that suits that event and working the rest of your accompanying pieces around it.

Here are a couple of Bomber Jackets:

So, are you ready to style from these bomber jackets? That,s great. Just click on your favorite style and order now with free shipping worldwide. Also, share this blog with your friends on social media and give feedback in the comments below.

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